Supported Living Activities Program Offers Innovative Engagement

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March 21, 2018—Dallas, TX—Brain injury treatment provider Pate Rehabilitation announced an expanded supported living activities program today.

The supported living activities program is designed to increase patient engagement and provide new opportunities for interaction and life skills building. Pate’s two supported living homes are located on a uniquely appealing property, Brinlee Creek Ranch in Anna, Texas near the city of McKinney.

With the 96 acre ranch as a backdrop, the supported living activities program includes a daily ranch club. Residents who join this activity spend time each day traveling the ranch to feed animals such as cows, goats, donkeys and pond fish and note any repair needs for the maintenance staff. Ranch club provides residents with responsibility appropriate to their functional level as well as increased time spent outdoors instead of their residence.

Residents can build their own activities plan from a menu that includes clubs for reading, news and cooking, and daily exercise classes as well as devotional and recreational activities. Individualized activities are also available to cater to personal hobbies and preferences.

“It has been really exciting to see everyone get out of their house and comfort zone and start participating in functional, therapeutic activities,” said Christine Nelson, Pate Supported Living and Special Projects Manager. “Many of the residents that have been socially isolated are getting more social interaction and engagement in activities. In the long run, we anticipate that the residents will enjoy the increased activity level and the structured program that this new system provides.”

car show in anna texas
Brinlee Creek Ranch Anna Car Show

The new supported living activities are supervised by therapists and support staff. The self-contained ranch is privately held and offers residents the opportunity to roam the property and enjoy abundant wildlife viewing as the ranch is a National Wildlife Foundation Certified Habitat.

Recent special events at the ranch include our first annual classic car show that offered the predominantly male supported living population a chance to see classic cars up close and pop the hoods. We've hosted chili competitions and more. The formal supported living activities program is expected to grow as Pate managers gain further insight into patients' desires for activity over time.




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